Initiative Phases

PHASE 1 — 2017-2018

Focus: Cane cutters at Ingenio San Antonio (ISA)

Preliminary assessment of:

  • Cross-harvest changes in biomarkers for cane cutters, seed cutters, irrigation workers and others
  • ISA intervention program for cane and seed cutters
  • Need for intervention extension to other worker categories

Produce recommendations for:

  • Intervention improvements and/or expansion
  • Productivity enhancements that protect health

PHASE 2 — 2018-2019

Focus: Implementation and assessment of updated interventions for sugarcane workers.

  • Create effective interventions for other at-risk workers in cane
  • Design effective interventions for mills
  • Ensure scalability while understanding logistical challenges
  • Improve the assessment of exposures
  • Work with development banks to improve loan assessment
  • Ensure learnings are incorporated into certifications and other standards
  • Provide insights into the organizational management structures and systems that facilitate change on the ground

Phase 3 — 2019-2020

Focus: Finalize protocols, materials, and research. Initiate the application of protections to other regions, including the sugar sector and other industries at-risk for CKDu

  • Work practice intervention toolkits available
  • Field implementation guide available
  • Return on investment analysis completed